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Misspelling is Taboo

In addition to my Remember the Time Blog Hop, which I am quite enjoying (if you haven’t read these, they’re pretty good if I do say so myself), I think I want to start posting in the Idiot of the Week Blog Hop. The goal of this one is just to complain and amuse ourselves about some of the ridiculous people around us.

Disclaimer: If I happen to choose you, no offense. If you know anything about me, you know I’m being sarcastic. In addition, if I say something that is truly offensive (and I might, let’s be realistic here, I sometimes forget the power of my words, as many do) please let me know. But, if you do something and you think my blog is about you, maybe consider making a slight improvement. Or not. It’s certainly your decision.

Roseanna and I were playing Taboo the other night (we thought it would be fun, and it was). We got part of the way through the deck and she found herself gazing at this gem of a card:

She gave me a hint and I promptly guessed correctly: Anatomy. And then she followed up with, “Spell it.” Now, Roseanna and I are super goofy and I thought this was her (slightly nerdy) way of making the game more interesting. So I spelled it correctly: A-N-A-T-O-M-Y. And then she asked if there is another spelling of it, because as all English speakers know, some words can be spelled multiple ways and whatnot. So we did what any college student has learned to do when he or she is unsure about spelling (or pretty much anything else): we Googled it. And we were correct.

The maker of this particular card does not know how to spell anatomy. And this would concern me significantly less if I did not know how readily available spell check is. But even so, please, learn to spell properly. Nothing makes you look more ridiculous than not being able to spell.

This card makes the makers of this game look unprofessional and lazy; and besides that, it confuses the players of the game.

Let me just warn all of my readers: if you misspell a word, especially one which sounds exactly as it is spelled, you could very easily end up my Idiot of the Week. With the technology available, with the information available to all of us, there is no reason to misspell common words. Period.

7 thoughts on “Misspelling is Taboo

  1. Spelling is my pet peeve too…especially since I’m terrible at it. Thanks to my BFF spell check, no one ever has to know just how awful my spelling is! Taboo should be ashamed; that’s really embarrassing! You have my vote!

  2. I have never been good at spelling, but at least I am aware of it. Prior to pc’s and spell-check, I kept my dictionary handy to check on the words I knew I didn’t know. Now I rely on spell check and my daughter – a walking dictionary. Imagine my amazement when I worked on a project for a medical company – medical terms are not included in the common “spell-check” package, but available for an extra fee – and was told that there was NOT the medical spell-check for use in the word-processing. Perhaps that is why a the director was always misspelling commonly used medical terms. Thank goodness (ha) the same typos went to the web pages.

  3. I meant to comment on this the other day. Last spring at the big huge Science Museum in Chicago, we were in a special exhibit about animals. One of the big signs had billion spelled as billon. Arturo noticed it right away, and told every exhibit guide. They all kind of shrugged it off. He also took a picture of it 🙂

  4. I think it is so funny/awful that the game spelled this wrong. Whenever I see stuff like that I want to contact their customer service and offer myself up as an editor, because the one they have (if any) clearly sucks. Who knows, could get a job out of it haha! Thanks for posting to the Blog Hop!

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