Stuff About Me: All the Things You Were Too Afraid To Ask

I’m Gabi.

I’m 21.

I’m a college senior at UMHB and I love it.

I’m a Taurus.

I’m opinionated.

I’m passionate about things that are important to me and I’ll argue for what I believe in.

I’m crazy stubborn and I hate when people try to tell me what to do.

I’m not even a little bit like a morning person; unless morning wants to happen at noon, that’s doable.

I’m learning American Sign Language.

I’m addicted to Pinterest. (It’s a bigger time-suck than Facebook, if you can imagine that.)

I’m trusting and I believe the best of people.

I speak a few languages: sarcasm, movie quotes, and English.

I don’t drink soda, get over it.

I like fruit juice and hot tea and water. Sweet tea’s kinda bland if you ask me.

I like to laugh; make me laugh and we’ll be friends forever.

I love my friends; I don’t know what I’d do without them and I’d do almost anything for them.

My family is pretty cool, even though they bug the bejesus out of me.

I love summer; it’s a perfect time to be lazy.

I love learning.

I love listening to Pandora. Good luck trying to pinpoint a type of music I like; I don’t even know.

I like sleeping; I’d rather do that than almost anything else.

I procrastinate like no other but everything usually gets done.

I avoid drama at all costs; it’s completely not worth it.

I find that things I do last minute are better than what I could have done over the period of time given to me.

I try really hard to be organized; it doesn’t always work.

I write as a coping method.

I make up words. They’re real. Deal with it.

I try to be optimistic, but like everyone else, I have my rough days.

I have issues with people who can’t get their act together.

I believe in true love and happy endings.

I believe Disney movies have some of the greatest messages on earth to offer kids and I still love to watch them.

My mood directly correlates to how much the sun is shining; I love the sun and the moon and the stars and there is a time for rain too.

My thoughts are a little “all over the place.”

Music keeps me sane.

First impressions are important to me. Make a good one and we’ll get along great.

Flowers are beautiful.

I think roses are a cliche. Come on, get creative. Lilies and daisies are much better.

I believe miracles happen every day to those who believe.


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