Daily Prompt

9 Point Grading Scale

Today’s Daily Prompt is to write about something unfair and how to fix it.

Let me be clear: I love my school very much and I wouldn’t change where I am for anything in the world. But, our grading scale is rough.

Let me explain.

A 90 is a B. A 91 is an A. So our grading scale works like this:

  • A: 91-100
  • B: 81-90
  • C: 71-80
  • D: 61-70
  • F: 61<

And that is fine and dandy except that here, our GPA is based on the letter grade we make, not the number grade. So a 91 is the same as 100 according to our GPAs. Which is not really fair all by itself, but anyway. It’s super rough trying to get that one extra point. And not just because it’s one point. But because if you make, say, and 89, it isn’t just one point, it’s two that you’d be asking for for a bump to an A. And teachers are a little stingy with that one point anyway.

My proposal? Let’s just go back to a regular grading scale. Because the Honor’s Kid in me really hates getting a B that should be an A.

It’s just so hard to come from high school (which I know is different  from college, believe me; but little Honors Kid Gabi really freaks out anyway) where we have a 10 point grading scale, AND you get “partial” credit; so for a 95 you get a 3.5 or whatever. So the actual grades matter a little more.

I don’t really know what administration gets from this scale. Student Government has worked on changing this for a long time (and they do actually change things, kudos to them) but administration is dead set on keeping this scale. Student Government always gets a lot of signatures and support from the students (and usually the faculty, because, they don’t really like this rule either) but administration really seems to like this rule. And no one really knows why.


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