Major Players

So. It has come to my attention that I have yet to actually identify all the wonderful people I talk about on a regular basis. So that’s what this page is going to be about (in no particular order).

Family Group (these are the people I had the luck to be put in a group with during Welcome Week. I must admit, I was petrified for the first time I met these people. They all knew their majors and what they wanted to do with them and when I talked to some of them, I was blown away by the shear intelligence I was being exposed to. And they were so much like me; sarcastic and witty and all that. It was really crazy.):

  • Spencer: Sarcastic all the time. Kinda rude, if you aren’t expecting it (I always am, so I just think it’s funny). He tries to not like people, but he likes us. He just won’t admit it. And apparently he was a boy scout at one point in his life. I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed when he knew how to make a fire.
  • Roseanna: Also sarcastic all the time (that kinda comes with the territory). She’s really good at science. We work together to make fun of the goofy guys we hang out with. She, much like me, has been around kids all her life so we often feel like the babysitters with the boys. And we can read each other’s minds.
  • Brittany: She’s funny. A complete distraction when we try to study, but funny nonetheless.
  • Kaitlyn: Our Cru Leader. She is our “mentor” so to speak and she let’s us watch movies in her appartment. She’s wonderful.
  • Ellaina: If Roseanna or I don’t say it, Ellaina will. She’s great. Super fun. And we like a lot of the same things.
  • Colten: He bakes. And hates us. (Just teasing. He loves us. He’s busy, we know.) He’s great to be around. I distinctly remember being blown away by his smarts when I met him.
  • Cole: He’s all quiet and grouchy and pretends to not like us, but he really does. He’s one of the only boys I’ve ever met that will consistently say he would rather it be a million degrees out than be cold. He doesn’t like being cold. Oh. And he’s super smart. He’s goin’ places.
  • Brandi: She’s quiet and she’s funny. And, added bonus, we went to school in almost the same place and I know where she lives. It’s super cool stuff.
  • Bryan: Hm. He’s goofy. He should have started hanging out with us a long time ago; we’re glad to have him now. He’s a good kid, super funny. All that jazz.
  • Jared: He is kinda goof ball. And he thinks a lot of himself. He likes to think he’s a real ladies’ man. But really, I think he’s a good guy. He’s got interesting, different opinions and a change is always nice.

Family (This would be my real family to whom I am related by blood. They’re sometimes a pain in my butt, but I like them quite a lot.):

  • Gloria (mama): Dose number one of the double dose of sarcasm I get. Gotta love it. She makes me smile.
  • Joe (daddy): Dose number two. He’s my favoritest daddy in the whole world. But seriously, he is a wonderful man. He is everything a dad is supposed to be and more.
  • Ali: ‘Ster! She’s in college now! It’s crazy.
  • Joe John: Brother. He’s got it in his head that he can be mean to me because he’s bigger than me. He would be wrong. One well-placed knee and he’s out for the count.
  • Julianna: Baby sister. Pain in my butt most of the time. Love her anyway. She’s becoming quite the little fashionista. I like it.

Everyone else:

  • Brittany: Probably the best roommate, ever. We’ve got a good system goin’. 🙂

Guys, I love you all. Thanks for being in my life. Everything I say, I mean in the best possible way. 🙂

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