Writing 101

Around the World in 200 words

Today’s challenge was to use a map as inspiration for your post.

This topic suggestion isn’t a new concept for me. I’ve written about maps before and included them in my writing: as inspiration, as a supplemental graphic, and as a reference for my readers to understand what I was talking about. So the actual challenge was coming up with a map that I haven’t used before or coming at something from a new angle, because hello, you guys might get bored if I just keep telling the same stories over and over and over again.

But then I had a thought. What if I share the places I’ve been and the places I want to go? That’s kinda different.

So. Places I’ve been (and talked about, so we’re basically leaving them alone; also, I want to go back to most of them so.):

  • U.S. (obviously)
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Italy

    FB map 09302015
    This is my map that Facebook created based on my check-ins around the world. I think it’s a cool way to see where I’ve been.

And the places I want to go (off the top of my head):

  • Greece
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Spain

Basically, I want to fill the map. And I don’t know how or when I’m going to get there, but I will. And I can’t wait.


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