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Sink or Swim

This started as a draft two years ago, apparently. Our challenge yesterday (because I’m continuing to not do well with the blogging daily) was to “mine our material.” So here it goes with the starting a new post from an old draft (which is in bold).

Today’s Daily Prompt is to write about a time when you were left to fend for yourself in school, work, or at home.

I remember junior year in high school I started taking AP classes. These were the first college level classes I had ever taken. Now, all my life, I was in the advanced classes. Pre-AP, Honors, all that jazz. If there was a regular class and more challenging class, I was taking the more challenging class. And, honestly, it was fine. I never really had a problem with it. Most of the time, I was bored because pretty much anyone could take Pre-AP classes.  Anyway.

I remember my AP English class junior year and my teacher told us she was going to “throw us into the deep end, but we’d be okay.”

Evidently, that stuck. It’s now my senior year in college and I still remember that day. I remember how scared I was when she said that. And I had a fabulous internal visual of essentially drowning. I’m a strong swimmer and that’s never really been a thing I was concerned about, but you know how it is in the movies where someone slips in the water and is flailing around and can’t breathe? Yup. That’s how my first AP English class felt. And how senior year felt. And how college feels basically all the time.

However, we did make it. All the way to graduation. And now all the way through the third year of college. And the first five weeks of my senior year. And while I’m terrified, I know I have a support system that is going to continue to help me, and I’ll be just fine.


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