Writing 101

Space Between the Posts

Many of my Writing 101 posts have been about my writing process (how procrastination is part of it, why I write, where and when I write, who I write for and to, all that jazz). Today we’re gonna talk about the space between the posts.

Sometimes we all need a break to recharge. I can usually recognize that need when it arises in myself because I feel foggy, for lack of a better word, and I have even less motivation to work on things. I’m apathetic and even more tired than usual. And I have no energy and I just don’t care. It’s really hard for me to be in that place, because I know that’s not me. But I’ve learned how to cope with it and how to make things work even if that is the case.

I was actually in that place for the better part of last week. It’s hard because going through the motions isn’t usually sufficient to get me through things for very long. And sometimes writing helps snap me out of it, but it doesn’t always. And that’s when Plan B (aka, lay around and eat junk food until you feel like moving) commences.

That’s what I do in the space between the posts and school and social life. I recognize the need in myself to take a break. And when I do, I take a whole break. I don’t see anyone, and I read a book (or two) or watch a movie (or six) and I just chill. That’s what I need to recuperate and I trust the process.


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