Writing 101

Many Thanks, From Texas

Today’s Writing 101 assignment is to pick an old comment you left somewhere and expand on it. First of all, I don’t comment a whole lot on other people’s blogs, so there’s that. But also, that’s kind of an odd request, if you ask me. And option B was to pick a comment that has been written on one of our posts and respond to that. An equally odd request.

But then I had a thought (it happens). Most of the comments I get on my blog are about how wonderful I am (in more, distinctly different words). What if I take a post to say thank you to everyone who regularly reads my blog? So, that’s the plan here.

I’ve always heard that blogging is an international activity. And I usually laugh because the people who I knew read my blog were family members. And they live in the U.S. That’s not a bad thing, obviously. But that isn’t international by an stretch of the imagination.

Since starting Writing 101 though, I realize blogging really is international. Before this, when I got views from, like, Switzerland, I didn’t actually think anyone was reading my blog. But they are. And that’s pretty cool.

So, many thanks to everyone at home and far away for your support and kind words.


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