Writing 101

Space to Write

I write when I can, where I can, with what’s easy.

In the middle of the night when I can’t sleep, sometimes I get up and write and that helps. Sometimes the mood strikes me in the middle of the day. Sometimes I’m inspired by class (or bored by it and inspired during class).

Where I write depends on my purpose (and a million other things, including how I’m feeling, what’s going on, how clean my desk is, how clean my kitchen table is, what the weather is doing and so on). Am I writing for school? Am I doing homework? What kind of mood am I in? All that jazz.

I’m easy to please and I write anywhere the mood strikes me. It’s easier to write on my laptop than my tablet, but I have tried. If I’m upset and not sharing my writing with anyone, I write pen to paper, because then I feel like I’m more involved with my writing.

If I’m trying to do homework, I try to work at the table or my desk. I usually blog from my bed or the couch, but I blog wherever is easy.

I’ve been through all different phases with my writing. I have all kinds of notebooks at home that are all different sizes we got with the intention of me doing more writing. When I was younger, I really did enjoy that: picking out a new journal and starting to write and fill it with my thoughts (or like the first few pages) with different colored pens for the different days. As I got older, I started keeping a regular sized spiral around and tearing out the pages when I finished because there is something about writing on a little tiny (3 inches by 5 inches) diary page that just doesn’t appeal to an emotional 13-year-old. Then I got a binder to keep all the writing in, so I just started using loose-leaf binder paper and that’s what I use today when I’m not writing for the whole world to see.

After I went through the colored pen phase, I also went through a phase where I would only write in blue pen. I loved the way my hand-writing looked in blue. And then shortly thereafter, red. And then, I couldn’t stand to see my handwriting for long stories in anything that wasn’t black. So that’s also where I’m at now. I take notes in color; I color code my calendar; I cannot write for myself in not black. Because I’m weird. Whatever.

Part of our Writing 101 challenge was to embed a poll today. I’d love to hear your feedback!


3 thoughts on “Space to Write

  1. We are never disappointed with your writing. You have a lot to look forward to because I am still going through the colored pen phase. This month it is Pilot G2, fine blue. Gabi, you make us smile.

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