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Today’s challenge is to use one word as inspiration for your post. There was a list of about six words available for us to choose from, or we could pick something else. Today, I decided I’m going to free write for 15 minutes and then I’ll edit and post and see how that goes. Thanks for your continued interest!

I think uncertainty is part of life and it isn’t always a bad thing.

I’m uncertain about a lot of things in my life. I don’t know what my plans are after graduation in the spring. I just officially declared my major last semester and I still have second thoughts like 12 times a day. This is the part of the semester (you know, the 14 weeks between the first week where I have an A in every class and finals, where I pretend like just passing is acceptable and calculate the minimum grades I need on my finals to pass) where I’m uncertain what my GPA this semester is going to look like, and that’s a scary thought because my scholarships depend on my grades.

And I’m okay with all of that uncertainty because I know I have some constants, whatever happens; the most important being that I’m surrounded by people who want me to succeed.

My psychology professor this semester keeps talking about planning. The class is called Psychology of Leadership and covers pretty much what it sounds like it would cover. We learn about different leadership styles, explore our own, and learn how we might be better leaders in the future. One of the points the authors of both our textbooks and my professor keep making is that planning, having a vision, is essential for planning for the future which is, in turn, essential to good leadership.

The other day, we were talking about planning and executions of those plans, and she asked for some examples. So I said that I plan on graduating in May, so I have to take all of the appropriate classes to achieve that goal and she wanted to know about my plans after graduation. Well, I don’t actually have those at the moment. And I said as much. And she looked almost personally offended that I don’t have my entire life planned out and that sparked a 20 minute lecture on needing to plan or you’ll end up somewhere you don’t want to be and that’s not a good thing, blah, blah, blah.

Naturally, I came home and told Roseanna and then we laughed about it. And then she told me about one of her professors who has asked them to set goals for themselves and to sit down with her and discuss them and the whole shebang. And she said that everyone has different ideas about long-term and short-term goals. And some long-terms goals might just be getting to graduation. And after that, life might be a big black hole of mystery and dragons.

Basically, as uncertain as I am about so many things in life, I’m enjoying my life as is, even without all the plans. It scares me sometimes that I don’t have it all totally together, but mostly, I’m okay with that. I’m sure (and so is my support system) that I’m going to find my passion and go with it and I won’t know what hit me. And until then, I’m certain I’ll be uncertain and happy with that.


6 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. Reminds me of when I was in college. A lot of uncertainty for me, not know what job can I get with sociology degree to will I pass my classes. It great you plan what you want to do, but sometime it doesn’t go as plan. At the same time it okay not knowing what direction you want to go with your life. My advice to you, if haven’t had an internship or jobs and don’t job line up after graduation, doesn’t matter what it is, stay in school for another semester. It important to get the experience.

  2. I enjoyed your post and I can understand how scary it is when you don’t know what to do with your life. I wish I could tell you it gets easier after college but it doesn’t. The wonderful thing is you have a great support system and you’re getting comfortable with uncertainty. I truly feel that is the key. Have a good sense of humor and roll with the punches. Good luck and congratulations on getting close to graduating!

  3. very good thing because life is full of turns and twists and wonderful surprises. Had you been in one of the “plans” you mapped out prematurely you might have missed out on a wonderful person, place or thing.

  4. Okay, Gabi, I love reading your posts and then responding but everytime I do, this computer gets mean and has to do it’s own thing midstream. I don’t know where my first sentence went . Now it doesn’t make sense!!!!

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