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12 Reasons Finding a BFF is the Most Important Thing you do in College

College is about finding yourself and finding your better half. And I’m not talking about a significant other, because that is not a thing I have found yet. Nor am I looking, for the record. Boys are a lot of work and I’m not real ready for that yet. But I have found my best friend.

  1. She’ll be with you through the hardest finals you take. Then, when you decide to ceremonially burn the 100+ flashcards you painstakingly made to study, she’ll be there for that too.
  2. When you decide you need a mental health day and email into class “sick,” she’ll bring you soup and Disney movies to recuperate your illness.
  3. When you want to hide from all the people, she’ll come find you and hide with you, because she certainly doesn’t want to socialize.
  4. She’ll listen to you study and let you “teach” her things she has no prior knowledge or interest in to make sure you’ve got it for that big test this week.

    Me at anatomy: “The leg bone is connected to the knee, bone which is connected to the other leg bone.” Rose at anatomy: “That’s your tibia and fibula and patella and femur.” (I definitely just Googled that.)
  5. When you decide you want to single-handedly fund the profit of a movie by seeing it four times, she’ll go with you every time.

    Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2
  6. When you decide you want to do fun and exciting things on the weekend, she’ll be the first phone call you make. And also when you wanna lay on the couch and watch movies and eat nothing but chocolate and junk food all weekend, she’ll be there for that too.
  7. Speaking of phone calls, that’s a thing you’ll do. All the time. “Hi, I missed you, I haven’t seen you all day, I wanted to check on you. Are you too busy to talk?” And she’s not because she’ll make time to talk to you for at least 20 minutes (or maybe 3 hours. Whatever works.)
  8. She’ll convince you to watch movies you would never have watched under any other circumstances, and then when the stupid sad movie makes you cry, she’ll make you laugh to make up for it.

    Yup, she made me watch Titanic.
  9. She will actually make you laugh all the time, because you’ve been friends for more than three years and you have an endless stream of inside jokes that you can now communicate with a look, because you wouldn’t want everyone who can hear you to think you’re crazy.

    This is a thing that has actually happened. The boys won’t play Catchphrase/Taboo with us anymore.
  10. Speaking of crazy, you both are. But it’s okay because it’s the same kind of crazy. And potentially you make plans to be roommates in the crazy house if either of you ever actually loses it.
  11. She’ll keep track of your life even better than you actually can, because you do the same for her, and between the two of you, you’ll do okay with life.
  12. You’ll make future plans, and she’ll be there. It isn’t even a question.

College is one of the most exciting parts of life, and finding someone to support you and do it with you is one of the best feelings in the world.


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