Writing 101

I write because…

I enrolled in Writing 101, a writing workshop through WordPress. We get prompts every weekday for four weeks, so I’m going to try to write on all of those days, but we’ll see how that goes considering I still have to do school and whatnot. Also, that means potentially I’m posting more than once a day. Just fair warning. 

…I can always use the practice.

In one of my PR classes (I’m in three and I have the same teacher for all of them, so figuring out which is which is a hard task. So we’ll just leave that information here; do with it what you will), we talked about blogging because we have to do some blogging for her class (probably, I’ll just add some extra posts to this blog, but that’s a whole other story). And one of the questions she asked was what are the benefits of blogging?

And the biggest one that I talked about was the practice I get from maintaining my blog. I get to practice expressing myself in real words (as opposed to the looks and noises I sometimes use with Roseanna). And I get to practice using an online blogging platform (and I must be getting pretty good at it because I’m teaching Rose how to use her blog).

When I write papers for school, sometimes it takes me 200 or more words (and many, many hours of sitting and getting distracted and procrastinating) to actually figure out the point of my paper. And once I get going, I’m good to go and I finish my paper in a snap. However, that is the biggest waste of time because now I have to go back and cut probably well-worded, intelligent sentences out of my paper so that way it all makes sense. And it’s all fine and good that the writing and deleting and writing is part of my process, but that is a tedious process and my hope is that I can potentially refine my process as well as my actual writing skills. And the only way to do that is to practice.

Also, for my field of study (Mass Communication, if anyone didn’t know), we are supposed to write AP style and that’s like relearning the whole world of grammar from like the second grade, so that’ll be fun and exciting. My point here is also that I need to be able to practice that, so we’re back to the practicing.

In addition, like I’ve said before, writing is good for me and sometimes it’s hard for me. I’m hoping that a more regular writing regime will help me manage my stress a little better because getting my thoughts onto paper and out of my head frees up the limited space in there (just kidding; I know it’s not really limited, I can tell you all about that from neurophysiology last semester if you want. The point is, there’s a lot bouncing around in there and it can’t have all my attention all the time).


4 thoughts on “I write because…

  1. Just stopping by to check out your blog. I know you asked for suggestions. I attended a Writers Boot Camp in CO in June by two authors and one point they made which has been helpful to me is to define my audience and do so very specifically so that I actually name him or her. Additionally, you think of the psychological makeup you seek to reach, the age, part of the country, what makes them cry, what gets them excited, what makes them angry, etc. That helps you determine how and what you want to write and likely develop more focus. I have found it a very helpful tool even though difficult to develop initially.

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