College Lessons and Things

Anticipation and Apprehension

Tomorrow, I begin my senior year of college, and with it, I imagine the start of many changes.

This year already feels different because instead of the usual “classwork” things I’m supposed to do, I need to do some internships and I’ll be working on my resume and preparing to graduate, which I hear is mostly a ton of paperwork.

My parents finalized their divorce last week. That brought some sense of relief, as it has been an ongoing thing for a few years, but it was still sad. And we all know change is hard and this will be an adjustment, just like everything else.

I’m still working as an RA and while it’s a challenge sometimes, I do still enjoy getting the opportunity to help my residents make the most of their college experience. And I get to make the most of mine in the process, and that’s kinda cool. It’s interesting because when I started, I was the youngest around. I was the youngest on my team, I was the newbie, and I was younger than most of my residents. Now I’m one of the most senior RAs on my team. It’s crazy when my coworkers ask me questions and I know the answer because I’ve already been there.

The biggest change this year will be the decisions I have to make. I will have to decide on a major and potentially a graduate program. After this year, it’s onto the real world: a real job and real apartment and real adult things, like bills and paychecks and stuff. I still don’t know what I really want to do, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough (or at least in the nick of time, like everything else I do).

But the best things haven’t changed. I still have a wonderful support system, which includes my best friend, Roseanna. She’s been there for what seems like forever. And my family will continue to support me. And those are the important things, really.

I’m excited about completing my undergraduate degree in May, but I’m nervous too. I’m considering grad school, but I’m not sure that I have more schooling in me. In addition, I don’t actually know if I’m ready for the “real world” and my solution to that problem is telling my dad I’m just gonna come live on his couch after school. I’m mostly joking. Mostly. I do know that by the time I graduate, my teachers will have prepared me to the best of my abilities. Everyone was right, college really is the best time of your life. I’m excited to finish this adventure and begin a new one in May.

In addition to all that, I have clearly gotten away from my writing and I would like to make more time for that. So that’s where I’m at with life today.

Good luck to everyone moving in and starting school!


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