My London Adventure

Long, Wonderful Days

When Dr. Holcomb first mentioned this three month vacation, I pictured something very different than what I am experiencing now (not that this is bad, because it’s not; I’m having a blast). But, let me explain. The classes I’m taking aren’t bad. The day trips are wonderful. The walking tours are very informative and interesting. The people watching is fun.

But I am exhausted all the time. Now, let me be clear, I am tired all the time. That’s just part of my life. I have come to recognize that. I will forever be ready to nap and still sleep most of the night. But usually, it isn’t to this extreme. I come in and pass out for hours. And before you ask, yes, I am eat very well (and by very well, I mean everything in my path). I’m just exhausted. And let me tell you why: we never stop. There’s always something. And we don’t really realize how much we’re doing until after it’s been done and we’re exhausted and sore and not quite sure why. And then comes the “ahhhh, right” moment.

A few weeks ago, we took an overnight trip to Stratford-upon-Avon. We went to see Wendy and Peter Pan. We had dinner and did a little shopping. The next day, we had a few tours of things related to Shakespeare (Anne Hathaway’s house, his “birthplace” and the church he is buried in) and then we go on the bus and drove to Oxford where we had a very wet and cold walking tour of the university.

Anne Hathaway’s house. It’s super old. And pretty cool. They can trace the ownership back quite a ways.
Shakespeare’s birthplace. This isn’t neccessarily his house, but they say his father would have owned something like this in this area.
And I thought it looked like something out of Godric’s Hollow (from Harry Potter).
This is the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. It is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. And it’s huge.
This is a light pole that they say inspired the light pole Lucy finds at the beginning of C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

We had the weekend and then it was back to the week of class and things. Except not really. The Tube workers went on a 48 hour (from Tuesday night to Thursday at close of business) strike last week (and they were supposed to have another one this week, but they came to some agreement that meant they would keep working and delegating at the same time, thank goodness). That made getting around the city quite a challenge. Wednesday we had a tour of The Globe Theater (which was amazing) and a show about a million miles away Wednesday night. 

A view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from the Millennium Bridge on our very windy walk to the Globe. For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s the bridge from Harry Potter. And it was very exciting.
The stage in the theater. Gotta tell you, Shakespeare’s plays make a whole lot of sense now.

The trip to The Globe wasn’t bad; the trip back for class was awfully long. And we didn’t make it back for class on time (which bothers Honors Kid Gabi so much; for those of you who don’t know, if I’m home and going to be late to class, I just won’t go; I hate walking in late). But we went because it was a short class. After class, we came home for like a half hour and ate a snack of rice and strawberries (because that’s what I wanted, and we were probably out of yogurt) and we had to leave to got the Boonies to see Oh What a Lovely War (which, for the record, was not terrible. I enjoyed it). But I’m not sure it was worth the 2 hour trip there. Especially since we caught the tube back and were home in about 25 minutes. But thank goodness we caught the tube home.

The next day, we went to see Les Miserables, which was different than I pictured, I suppose. It was a little of a walk from here, but it was worth it, I think.

Friday we had a day trip to Bath (not to take a bath, to be clear). Bath is the only natural hot spring in the UK. The Romans found it in the 60’s (not like 50 years ago. Like 2000 years ago. Just to be clear. For all of us who don’t know our history) and it kinda fell into ruins until someone came along and found it again and it became a fancy-schmancy place to be. So we spent a wonderful day there (and the weather wasn’t awful, which was a pleasant change).

And essentially slept for the rest of the weekend.

Actually, not really. We did the grocery shopping thing. And laundry. But nothing fun and exciting.

And this week, after three days of classes and one show (One Man, Two Guvnors),  we were given a four-day weekend. And it was glorious. Thursday, Lisa and I visited Platform 9 ¾ and a crazy, overwhelming toy store.

Friday was spent in our apartment, hiding from the nasty love in the air. And a wonderful dinner with wonderful company.

So, while I am having a blast, it pays to have a break.


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