My London Adventure

Quite A Morning

I’m sure we all remember the shenanigans from Saturday. Well, in the hustle and bustle, I pulled my Oyster Card (it gets me on any tube and any bus in the city) out of my wallet and put it in my purse, so it would be easier to get to. And when I got out of the station I just stuck it back it in my purse.

It was a long, late night, so yesterday was spent in my apartment in my PJs. All. Day. And last night when I took a shower, I had the thought, I need to pull my card out of my purse because I’m taking my other one to class tomorrow. And then I had almost the same thought again this morning. But I forgot and threw my wallet and tablet and keys into my purse.

Now, rush hour in London is just not fun. And one of the stations where we had to transfer lines is, not one, but three stations all connected. And the platforms we needed were on opposite ends of the station. So we left at 8:45, which gave us more than enough time to get to the right place by 9:30.

We walked the 10 minutes to the station and I opened my wallet and guess what? No Oyster Card. And I had just been so proud of myself because I made so many other good decisions. I put my thermals on. I remembered a hat. I had a yogurt for breakfast. I was doin’ so well. And then I forgot my card.

So I took my happy behind back to my flat and grabbed my card. I was leaving here at 9:05. Everyone else planned on leaving well before 9. I hustled back to the station and got onto the train for my one stop. I got off and there were 4 escalators (2 up and 2 down) I needed to use to get on the right platform. So, since I was running late, I did something I swore I would never do because I hated when my mom did it: I walked down the escalators. And then, when I got to the two up escalators, I walked up them (which is only slightly better than the St. Paul’s catastrophe). And I was worn out, let me tell you. And it occurred to me, halfway up the last escalator, that this class was about to be at least 2 hours of walking and standing (which, in case we are confused, meant I was gonna be miserable).

So, I got to the platform, glanced at the map and saw the I managed to make it to where I was supposed to be. I even saw Dr. Holcomb and his boys on the train that was leaving (and that meant I made good time because I saw them leaving as I was running back to my flat). I got on the next train, and I was so proud of myself, until I had the fleeting thought, The train Dr. Holcomb was on just went the direction this train is coming from, so this can’t possibly be going the right way, quickly followed by, Nah. I already checked the map.

That’ll teach me not to check twice. I got on the train going east and I needed to go west. So, I got off at the next stop and I could see the other platform across the train tracks. So I looked for a sign to show me the direction I needed to go and there was nothing. Just one that showed the “Way Out” (their signs here don’t say Exit; there are Fire Exits and there are the “way out;” just thought you ought to know). So I grabbed a janitor and asked her how to get on the right platform. And she told me to go up the stairs and go right.

So I finally got on the right platform and the train came I could relax a little. And I got to my stop and hopped off and walked up the one flight of stairs (thankfully) and didn’t see anyone. And then a whole new wave of panic hit me because I had no idea where to go from the station and what if they left without me and oh man.

But, never fear. They were right outside the station. And they hadn’t started class yet, which meant I wasn’t late.

And I wasn’t even too cold standing in the frigid wind (all that running around and stair climbing will get your blood pumping), so it all worked out. Sorta. I am really sore, but I was probably gonna be sore anyway. I did spend all morning climbing around Tower Hill.


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