College Lessons and Things

College Lesson 35: Remember What’s Important

This week, Colten was diagnosed with Leukemia. And all of a sudden, there were much bigger things to deal with than finals. They just didn’t seem as important. Now, don’t be confused. I still studied and did well. No worries there. But it just seemed miniscule as compared to cancer.

This reminded me that the most important thing in life isn’t the right letter on a piece of paper or even the piece of paper I’ll get at the end of four years. Suddenly, making sure Colten was okay, making sure that Colten had every chance to get better, was more important.

And it illustrated the importance of prayer.

There was nothing I could do from here. Nothing I could bring him and no way for me to fix it. Nothing to make it less scary for him. Nothing to say to comfort him. Nothing but sitting here and praying, because God’s got it. It’s covered. And things are going to work out okay.

That helped me get through this week. Knowing that even though praying was all I could do, I was doing it. And then I remembered that Colten wouldn’t want me to do poorly because I was worrying about him. So kept him in my thoughts and kept doing well.


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