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100 Things I’ve Done Since Coming to College


So, for my 100th blog post (can you believe I wrote that much? Me either.) my roommate suggested I do 100 things I’ve done since college started. Here it goes:

  1. Moved into my dorm room with a complete strange who I grew to love.
  2. Met 26 people who were just like me, some of whom quickly became essential parts of my life.
  3. Finally met Jared, and he found out we were doing a service project and left. Kaitlyn was very worried she lost a child when the rest of he boys finally showed up (15 minutes late) and he was not there.
  4. We “learned” about places in Belton from a “scavenger hunt” thing. I think what we really learned was that Tim, a senior, has no idea where anything is in Belton.
  5. I found out why Jared has trust issues: raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies.
  6. I walked in to church a half hour late because Tim didn’t know where we were going. Who decided to let him drive?
  7. I was dubbed a Crusader for life.
  8. After our first Freshman Class meeting, we walked through the rain and ate in the very cold cafeteria like little wet puppies.
  9. I was deeply intimidated by my ASL class, as my teacher is Deaf. It was a scary first day. But it’s a great class and I’m learning so much.
  10. Roseanna and I went on our first date to the outside Chick-Fil-A and got lost on the way home from Temple.
  11. We watched some boys who thought they were real cool try to get across the pool at Summer Fun; they were not very successful.
  12. We spent a late evening out on campus watching YouTube.
  13. One of the days we went to Chick-Fil-A and decided we should go watch a Temple College baseball game because the half of the team that came to Chick-Fil-A for dinner looked very…fit.
  14. I started a blog.
  15. I spent 8 weeks in a political freshman seminar class and learned nothing.
  16. I trustingly left my computer unlocked during a study session and left and Jared and Spencer posted things on our group page with my name attached…needless to say, that hasn’t happened again.
  17. I successfully changed sheets on a bed that was as tall as me. More than once.
  18. Got to wear rainboots for the first time, ever! The child in me loved splashing in the puddles on the way to class. The adult in me was happy my toes were dry and warm.
  19. Between Roseanna and myself, we paid for the production of Pitch Perfect. Well, not really. But we did see it about 4 times in a week.
  20. I learned the boys are not allowed to choose movies for movie night. That is not a thing that is allowed ever again.
  21. I also learned that Spencer is not allowed to give compliments as positive reinforcement (or insults as negative reinforcement) for getting the correct answer during a study group: “I like that hat-thing; the scrunchy for your head…that is a terrible scrunchy…you’re mother is a nice lady for getting you that scrunchy.”
  22. Roseanna lovingly took me to AT&T here twice in 2 days to have my phone looked at because it hates me. The workers there were very kind.
  23. Anyone on our group page who did not want to get notifications about everything we said quickly learned to turn it off, as 100+ notifications was a little excessive.
  24. I watched Colten “creep” across the only lighted part of the quad. And knew he was going to be an integral part of my life.
  25. We had game nights and I learned some of us are very good at Catchphrase…and some are not. We also learned which two colors make green (hint: not blue and red).
  26. My family came up for Family Weekend and Ali out-spirited me. It was also too cold to really enjoy the game, so we left and went to HEB and I met Roseanna’s family. I guess I knew then that she was going to be important to me, because I drug my dad around the store looking for her when he came back so he could meet her.
  27. Roseanna forced me to discover the art of Twitter. I use it now as much as Facebook.
  28. I got to see Tim and Jared dress up like each other for Halloween. That is probably the nicest Jared has dressed, ever.
  29. I found out that Jared thinks Columbus Day is  “practically our independence day” and thinks we should have the day off.
  30. I [begrudgingly] watched the last Presidential Debate. I must have been awful bored.
  31. I found out chapel is not as bad as everyone says. “You are a mean human being and no one should want to marry you.”
  32. I found out the most entertaining thing you could possibly do is put a bunch of nerds on a volleyball team and make them play.
  33. We taught Spencer about life while watching What to Expect When You’re Expecting.
  34. Movie nights were always very eventful. “Why would you want 12 kids?” “Cheap labor.”
  35. I found out that College Algebra was significantly better if I was drawing pictures instead of taking notes.
  36. We skipped Stunt Night to go out with Colten and he went to take a nap and passed out. We had girl talk for a few hours instead. The next night we went out bowling and shopping and went to see Perks of Being a Wallflower. That was a great night of learning about each other. And also, Roseanna crawled out of the backseat of Colten’s car and “attacked” him so we could pay for his gas.
  37. One night, Roseanna and I were having Girl Talk and discovered just how sketchy or sketchy sprinklers are.

    Fountain wannabe.
    We run the sprinklers here everyday, just in case the torrential downpour doesn’t provide enough water.
  38. Spencer tried to set me up with a stranger. Thanks. Nothing like Whataburger strangers at 3 in the morning.
  39. The fire alarm hated us one night. We finally almost sat down to be productive and it went off. Like, are you kidding me?
  40. I had Mom up for Mother-Daughter Weekend. We did almost nothing with the dorm, as we found out we are not the “matching pjs and arts and crafts” type. We went and played cards in the park with my friends instead.
  41. I learned there in nothing special about donuts at 5:00 AM, except that I’m grouchier than normal.
  42. I found out Education is not the major for me.
  43. We found various alternative places to study for finals because the dorms were too quite. One of the nights we were in the park and Spencer was helping Roseanna study for Anatomy. She was tired and cold and frustrated so she covered her face with a blanket and gave us some muffled answers. It was hilarious…or we were delirious…IMG_5679
  44. World Civilizations never goes away…
  45. We started our tradition of Secret Santa. That was interesting, to say the least.
  46. Learned that the boys know nothing about women while we played Battle of the Sexes. No, Puss in Boots did not originally sing “These Boots are Made for Walking.”
  47. We problem solved like good college students and ate soup out of cups because there were no clean bowls in the cafeteria.
  48. My RAs were confused and thought Roseanna lived in our dorm because she was around all the time.
  49. I found out that being tired in classes in the morning is worth it for the memories the nights bring.
  50. I learned that I am not really cut out for the dating-and-going-to-school-at-the-same-time thing. It was good while it lasted.
  51. I found out the fire alarms here have 2 different volumes: loud, piercing, run-the-other way; and it’s good we have lights on them because you wouldn’t be able to hear it if you were silent.
  52. I drug all of our school stuff around in the hospital because if we needed to stay over night, we had stuff to do. Gotta love those honors kid instincts.
  53. Did my first ever real job interview.
  54. I learned the value of a hot shower.
  55. I learned there is little better therapy than drawing, coloring, or Disney movies.
  56. I was informed that Walmart is “the shopping part of school.”
  57. I found out bowling is not my sport. Ever. (Not that any sport is really my sport.)
  58. I had to do real adult things and call the computer company so they could send someone to come fix my laptop. The guy was kinda sketchy. But, never fear, Roseanna came with me, so I was safe.
  59. When Dad came up for Daddy-Daughter day, I learned we are also not the “twinsy-type.” The baseball game was fun though.
  60. Started real cooking, very successfully, if I do say so myself.
  61. My roommate and I talk for inanimate objects. For example: Roseanna: “Hi, House.” Me: “Hello, Roseanna.” It’s kinda a thing.
  62. Cool nights at the lake with a fire are the best. Also, I don’t like marshmallows unless they are burnt to a light crisp.IMG_2598
  63. I was accepted to go to London to study abroad next spring. 3 months, 12 hours of class, in London. I’m excited.
  64. I spent the last night of finals in Roseanna’s room. After I took my test, I came back to her room and passed out in her bed. When I woke up, she was passed out on the air mattress. It was a long week for us. We were tired. My dad calling to ask if I was packed woke us up. It was very sad. Also, he was frustrated, as I wasn’t done packing yet.
  65. Successfully completed my freshman year with a GPA of 3.67 and no all-nighters.
  66. Heard an explanation of “shants” from a 6th grader; he wouldn’t pull up his pants because “they are shants; between shorts and pants.”
  67. I watched my very beautiful sister graduate high school and couldn’t be prouder of the young lady she has become.
  68. I visited New York and Italy. Italian food is nothing like that here in the states.
  69. I was offered an RA position.
  70. I moved into my apartment and cooked real dinner for myself. I also watched every movie I own in like a week.
  71. I participated in RA training and realized how wonderful my job really is.
  72. I got to play volleyball with all the other RAs because we needed to bond. It worked.
  73. I realized my goal is to find a president of a university and marry him. Or maybe become president. We’ll see.
  74. I got to watch the UMHB football team play their first football games on campus. We got a brand new stadium this year. We went undefeated for our regular season.IMG_4712
  75. My roommate and I alternated convincing each other to neglect our homework and watch girly movies and eat popcorn and ice cream.
  76. I made various artsy things for our apartment because I didn’t want to work on homework.
  77. Found out little love notes on the mirror from the roommate make my day.IMG_5409
  78. I became addicted to caffeine. I now get caffeine-headaches (thanks, Roseanna.)
  79. I dealt with a very not helpful passport man. My mama and roommate were very helpful. Also, for future reference, you can’t use your passport to get a passport. Because somewhere along the way, all the things you submitted the first time, become invalid. (That was sarcasm.)
  80. I sang to my roommate to help her study for kinesiology: “Your hand bone is connected to your arm bone/Your arm bone is connected to your elbow bone/Your elbow bone is connected to your other arm bone/Your other arm bone is connected to your shoulder bone.” I also made very scary faces when I was trying to help her with nutrition.
  81. I hosted an event for my residents and decided I like them a lot. We finger painted and played Apples to Apples. And by we, I mean the boys who came too. It was a blast.
  82. Rediscovered my love for 90’s boy bands. My roommate and I now regularly serenade each other.
  83. I also successfully cooked dinner for my roommate without killing her.
  84. Bryan brought six people over to borrow a movie. I had been awake for less than 20 minutes and didn’t know two of them. I guess that’s how he forces me to make new friends. My new friends got to see me be grouchy and stand in the corner and drink coffee.
  85. I forced 16 other RAs and our 3 RDs to take a picture for my portfolio for class. That was a bigger challenge than anything else we’ve had to do.
  86. We went grocery shopping at about 11:00 and sat in the baked goods aisle and girl-talked. And also bought about 50 tortillas, all of which we ate.
  87. I helped host a complex-wide event with my fellow RAs. It was very successful and also very cold.
  88. I played Lizard-catcher for my very scared roommate.
  89. I played mouse-catcher exactly one night later. Thank goodness it was an imaginary mouse.
  90. I worked two Fridays in a row until midnight and had to kick people out. They were playing cards until midnight. Why?
  91. I mediated a roommate disagreement.
  92. I scared my class while giving a speech. Actually, I made a joke about the clothes I was wearing and they did not appreciate it.
  93. This guy at the gas station asked us what we wanted with a 10 pound bag of ice when “it’s 12 degrees out.”
  94. I scared pretty much all of the parents in the room when I asked if there will be a curfew when we go to London.
  95. We made the boys make us pancakes. It was so convenient, except for the huge mess they made in the kitchen.
  96. I helped decorate a very sad looking Christmas tree. Thank goodness the lights were already on it. Also, I discovered we really need to get some hooks for ornaments. Then our tree would look better.
  97. Ali decided to come see me at about midnight. It was a nice slumber party.
  98. We took Roseanna to the hospital. She’s very mean to ER people when she’s in pain. Gotta love family ER time.
  99. I learned the value of family nap time. Followed by family coffee time.
  100. We planned Secret Santa. This year we threw a party. We decorated and everything. Who knew it would be hard to throw a party with boys and ask them to bring things? We do now. It was even like a real family party, with drama and yelling all included. I think it’s gonna be a tradition.IMG_5772

Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far. You are well appreciated. I can’t wait to see where I go next.


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