On the Remember the Time Blog Hop this week, we’re talking about Thanksgiving.

Also, be warned: I may be about to tick people off. And that’s part of writing. So that doesn’t bother me. Just so you know.

I love Thanksgiving. Always have. Besides getting time off school, it was the start of the Christmas season. And I like the Christmas season. I like spending time with the family. I like seeing people happy. Let me not lie, because I’m sure at some point it was about the gifts. But, it really isn’t anymore. Anyway. Back to Thanksgiving.

I like spending time with the family, (and don’t get me wrong, the break from school was much needed, particularly this year) and I like getting my favorite desserts and all that jazz.

But I feel like over time, the purpose of Thanksgiving has been twisted.

So, I saw this a  while back:

Black Friday and Thanksgiving

It’s really true. And very sad.

And now, we don’t even wait a whole day. You know how many commercials I’ve seen for sales that start tonight? Like, for real. Kmart, Target, Walmart, JCPenny’s, all the big stores are having sales that start tonight at like 6. So, let’s all rush through dinner and go out shopping.

Uhm, no thank you. It’s cold. And there are a million people. Plus, if I’m full of food, I don’t wanna go walk around stores and things. And, somewhat selfishly, but another reason nonetheless, if I go out on Thanksgiving, I wanna go out as a family and I don’t wanna spend more than ten minutes in the car with my siblings right after they’ve eaten, because then they have all this energy and they smell and that’s not fun for me.

But even more than that, we’re losing the reason for the holiday. When I was younger, we sat at the table as a family and talked about the things we were thankful for then when we finished we’d put a movie on or go see a movie, all of us. Today Thanksgiving is followed so closely by wanting more, that we’re losing it. “I’m happy I’ve got all this, but I gotta go get all this other stuff.” And I understand people want to get Christmas gifts and stuff. But is it really worth it? What are we teaching our kids about being thankful? That it should only happen for a few hours once a year before we go shopping?

That isn’t how it always was.

I have a lot of good memories of Thanksgiving: the times I’ve broken chairs; the dinners that lasted an extra long time because my siblings were horsing around (or stalling because no one wanted to help clean up); sitting around after dinner eating dessert; watching a whole bunch of different movies, both on our couch and in the local movie theater.

And that’s what I want to remember: the family dinners and the memories; not fighting with strangers over the last sweater on sale.



3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. You didn’t tick me off. 🙂 As a young person, it is your duty to not be satisfied with ‘how things are’. This is what causes change. I’ll also tell you a little secret – you have far more power to make things the way you want them to be than you know. Your challenge? To realize this as fact and then to leverage your power! It is within us all to be able to make our holidays special. I hope your future is as bright as my past was. 🙂

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