Daily Prompt

Apple Pie

Today’s Daily Prompt is to talk about your favorite food that you can’t turn down.

Anyone who knows me, particularly my roommate, will tell you I love pasta. I could eat it for pretty much every meal and a bunch of in a row, and it wouldn’t bother me. And everyone knows I love chocolate. And brownies.

But tonight, I’m going to tell you about my favorite part of Thanksgiving: Apple Pie.

My mom makes great apple pie. But she doesn’t make it very frequently because it’s a lot of work. So, for Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner, she makes Apple Pie. And it’s the best part of dessert. That and a glass of milk.

I remember when I was younger, the kids didn’t like it much. It was usually just Dad and me. So it lasted for a few days. Maybe for dessert the next night and then breakfast one day after that.

All of a sudden, they decided they did (curse that day). And it was such a disappointment because now, one pie doesn’t even last 24 hours in our house.

I can’t wait until I learn to make it.


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