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College Lesson #34: Communication, communication, communication

So, this week, I had to be a real RA for the first time all semester. Now really, that’s a lie. I’m always a real RA. I like to think I take good care of my residents and all that. But I had my first real problem this week.

This actually started last week when I was doing room checks. One of my girls came up to me on my way home and mentioned that her and her roommate were not getting along. I checked my phone, because it buzzed and my generation is just obsessed with our technology. And her roommate had texted me and said essentially the same thing. And I just about flipped out on life because I had about a million things going on that needed to be done.

But I took a breath and went and talked to my RD. Who basically told me to just do the room check.

So I got up there and these girls were not happy with each other. And I felt dumb, because I hadn’t really noticed the problem. Like, come on RA pay attention.

Any way. I told them that I wanted them to give each other some space and I would be back up on Monday and we were gonna figure out whatever was bothering them. And was that room check awkward. Talk about tension you can cut with a knife.

So I went up there Monday and sat them in the living room and told them to find three things that were good and everything that wasn’t working. (That was my roommate’s suggestion.) And then I sat there for twenty minutes while they wrote. Like, dang guys, I didn’t know things were that bad.

And then I went through their lists and asked them questions and started finding some solutions. And after about twenty minutes of winging it with these lists, we figured out it was a communication issue.

Girl number one wasn’t in the mood to hang out with her roommate and that made girl number two think she was mad at her, so she was doing everything with that in the back of her mind. When girl number one snapped out of it, girl number two wasn’t talking to her so she thought she was mad at her.

Like. Are you kidding me?

So, what I learned, is that communication is important. In everything we do. So, talk to the people around you. Really communicate. And you can avoid this chaos.


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