Halloween (Because that’s original, I know)

This week on the Remember the Time Blog Hop, we’re talking about all things halloween.

So, I’m sure we all remember the group of people I said my family and I did everything with, yes? (If the answer is no, go educate yourself.) Now, we’re all caught up? Good.

Besides having parties (which when I was little, happened all the time) we used to go all out decorating (and by “we” I mean my dad because Mom asked him to and let’s be real, little four year old hands aren’t all that helpful and get distracted when bugs go by) for all of the major holidays, Halloween included. In addition, we always got dressed up really cute like. Mom used to make our costumes. One year, I think we were all pumpkins (I don’t think I was really happy about that one, but maybe I was; who knows?)  Another year, Ali and I were mermaids (because, hello, Disney phase; to be clear, I have yet to outgrow that phase). And one year I was an angel.

I was super excited about that one. All nine kids were going Trick-or-Treating with our moms while our dads stayed at my house and passed out candy (Mom always let us have extra candy when we had friends over; 10ish-year-old Gabi very much enjoyed that). I was gonna be in a super cute white dress and I had feathery white wings, which I’m sure shed all over the house. And a headband halo. Oh yeah. I was excited.

And then horror struck. (And I’m sure now we’re all thinking I spilled red grape juice on my white dress; well you’d be wrong, I hate grape juice, and also, by some miracle of God himself, I managed to not spill anything on my dress.) Texas weather.

For all of us who do not live in Texas, let me use a picture to explain:

You think I’m kidding. You would be wrong.

The weather was fine all week, probably hot actually, but you never know. And it came to Halloween and it was cold. Frigid, actually (and by “frigid,” I mean probably in the 50’s somewhere). So cold, in fact that I needed to wear some clothes under my costume (because you can’t wear a jacket on Halloween, duh). So, Mom and I spent a while digging around in my closet, and couldn’t find anything white for me to wear under my dress (which makes prefect sense if you know me; I’m a stain magnet; I should be in a Tide commercial…or Shout). So, finally we pulled out a gray turtle neck. And black sweat pants, neither of which I think I liked. And even more than that, I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to wear all white. What angel is flying around with black seats? None of them.

Even after the weather fiasco, it was a good night. And on the upside, I was a warm angel as opposed to an angel ice cube.

And after we went Trick-or-Treating, I got to trade my candies with the boys, so I ended up with lotsa chocolate and not a lot of other things (because I was a picky kid when it came to candy, which is strange, I know).



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