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Family Dinners

Today’s Daily Prompt is to write about something you miss from home.

At home, family is supposed to come first. That should be a given. A home is made by the people who are in the house and all that jazz (I really do believe that, by the way.)

In my house, when I was growing up, we did family dinners every night. Real family dinners. Not take out in front of the TV. Not fast food in a restaurant. Not freezer dinners. Real food, cooked by my parents all sitting around a table, talking. (I mean, we sometimes did TV dinners and we sometimes went out, but that was always a treat: birthday, good grades, a new movie that we all wanted to see, that sorta thing.) Even when Dad couldn’t be home because he had training (he’s a firefighter, it’s kinda a big deal), Mom and the kids ate together. And let’s be real. I don’t actually remember all the conversations we had at dinner. But I know we had dinner, that’s the important thing. And honestly, some of my best family memories were from dinners (or immediately following dinner. Joe John has Colurciello Dance Parties, some of the funniest things I have ever seen.)

Even when we got older and more involved in school and whatever else, dinner was an important function in our household. And let me just commend my parents: that was a challenge; kudos to you guys. Because in my family, I can’t really remember a time when we weren’t going in four directions, every night. But for about an hour a night every night, we stopped what we were a family and nothing else.

Also, phones were never allowed at the table (not that we had phones at a very young age…). At dinner there were no electronics at the table. Period (except some people think they are above this rule now cough cough). Even when we go out to dinner, if we take a picture and post it to Facebook, you put your phone away when you’re doing. There is no texting. For the most part, we don’t even really take calls during dinner.

To this day, I really hate eating alone. Like, when I was up at school, I was here by myself for about a week and a half and I think there was constant movies going because I couldn’t eat without people talking. And my roommate and I sit down, pretty much every night to eat together. And, let me be honest, lately, it’s been in front of the TV. But we’re eating together.

And that’s what I miss. Because dinners were important. And I intend to make them important in my household.


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