This week we were given the opportunity to choose what we want to write about in our Remember the Time Blog Hop.

Lately, Roseanna and I have been really jammin’ 90’s boy bands (N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, mostly). And I mean jammin’. Like serenading each other in the kitchen/living room while we’re cooking. Or when we’re trying very hard to be productive. This is a fact that I’m sure our neighbors know and really appreciate (that last part is mostly sarcastic, to be clear).

Anyway, there are a few songs that inspire very specific memories. One that consistently brings memories to mind is I Want It That Way (go on, watch the video; you know you want to).

For my…seventh birthday, I think, someone got me a karaoke set. And let me be clear, that thing was so cool. You plugged in a bunch of wires and BAM! words and music on a screen. It really was super cool. (And I was a master with that TV; now with all that technology, I can barely work a remote; not really, only sometimes. TVs are hard.)

Now, my parents used to throw these parties. And they were the best. There were sometimes other families but the standard people who were there were the Heaters and the Floreses (which may or may not be the proper way to make that be plural; whatever). The Heaters had two girls, Sarah (who would have been about 10) and Julia (who would have been about 4ish). The Floreses had two boys, RJ (who would have been about 8) and Cris (he was about…5 or 6, something like that) and Veronica (she was about 4ish also). And then, there was my siblings and myself. All six of our parents were also pretty close. They would sit and chit-chat, about “boring adult stuff,” you know, and we would play in the pool or play board games or watch movies or dance or spin or whatever until late and pass out in pile on the living room floor (it was magical: we would wake up in the morning in our own beds without any extra guests in the house).

Now, the “big kids,” that is Sarah, RJ, Ali, and me, hung out a lot. Like, we kinda did everything together. I distinctly remember going back-to-school shopping (and getting in trouble) with these kids. There are a lot of stories surrounding this group.

Anyway. Back to my karaoke story.

This particular night we decided to play with my karaoke machine. (Now, lemme explain something, I do not like hearing my voice recorded. And that’s how this mike sounded.) We were all really excited. It had some really cool songs (I think Yellow Submarine was on there and to this day that is the only Beatles song I know, along with a bunch of others, including I Want It That Way). But not one of us was really brave enough to stand up and sing into the mike in front of everyone else and that became evident very quickly, as you can imagine.

So we decided to play a “game show” with the mike instead.

First (and only question I remember really): Sarah asked Joe John who he would like to marry: Julia or Veronica. His answer: “I think I want to marry Juju.” They were all about 4. We were cracking up. And of course 7 year old Gabi was very excited to see the look on Daddy’s face when we told him his son’s plan (especially since Dad always told us we could date when we were married; he got that from The Proud Family, a great show from my childhood). All of us ran out to the patio to tell him and all of the adults just laughed.

Joe John has not lived that down.

I’m also not quite sure what our obsession with marriage was, but that was a thing that was always on our young minds. When we played Life, we sang Here Comes the Bride to whomever was getting married. Every time. It never failed. Loud and off key, it was there.

Anyway, that is how a karaoke night turned into a game show about marriage.



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