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College Lesson #29: Adjusting to Studying

Today while I was at work, I was on Twitter (do I work hard, or hardly work, the world may never know.) and a friend of mine tweeted that she is unsure college is for her. Now, we aren’t especially close or anything, but she got into college and that should say something. My guess was that she was homesick or something and if that was the case, there really isn’t much I could do to help that situation. After a good 10 minutes of mentally wrestling with myself (because I didn’t wanna seem creepy or nosey; we really aren’t close), I messaged her and asked if everything was okay. Poor girl was freaking out about adjusting to the sleep-study schedule (which is a big problem; it’s hard to adjust because it’s the first real freedom a lot of people get and time management skills take time to develop). I asked if I could help at all. She asked if I had any time-management tips (which I do, duh). And then it occurred to me that I haven’t ever done a post explicitly on that. So here it goes.

  1. Get a good planner (or use the one with your school email account). Put your classes on there so you know exactly when each class meets (when you wake up groggy, sometimes it’s hard to know which day it is)
  2. Get a monthly calendar to put on your wall or desk. Put when big things that involve planning are due. And tests. It’ll help you keep the days straight.
  3. Weekly to-do lists are magical. I promise. And if you prioritize properly you won’t have to worry about it later.

I suggested breaks and study groups. I reminded her sleep is important and that needs to be a priority. There’s no sense in being so tired, you can’t take the test properly.

She said of all the people who have tried to give her suggestions, mine were the most helpful. So my last piece of advice is this: ask for help if you need it. Eventually someone will say something that will make a whole lot more sense than anything else thus far.


One thought on “College Lesson #29: Adjusting to Studying

  1. I hope that your interest and suggestions to her changed her mind about college life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she continues with her education just because you took the time to talk with her? Keep up the good work Gabi.

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