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Excitement About the RA Life

RA Training Badge

In addition to my new Time Hop thing, I’m gonna try some of these Daily Prompt things. Today’s is EXCITEMENT.

This summer I was told about an RA position that became available in the in the apartment complex at my school. I made arrangements to do an interview over the phone because being out of state makes a real interview hard (and who doesn’t love to do a job interview in their PJs?). At the end of the phone call, my new boss offered me the job. Now, let me just say, that was super exciting. I was moving in early and had a to do list that had grown over night, but I was thrilled to be offered this opportunity.

I remember when I moved in, no one else was on campus. It was almost three weeks until school started again so there were a handful of people who lived here over the summer but mostly it was just the other RAs.

The first night here, we had a cookout and I met fifteen of the other sixteen RAs that I would have the privilege of working with this semester. (Needless to say, I forgot most of their names about thirty seconds after I met them.) I remember when I left the cookout, I was so excited to get to be an RA.

When I came and toured the school for the first time, I remember the guide showing me the dorms and he mentioned the RAs and their job. When we left, I told Mom that I would be applying to do that as soon as I was eligible. I didn’t really know what all went into being an RA and I didn’t know what else I needed to happen, but I knew then that I would be applying.

During training, I learned that RAs wear a variety of hats: event-planners, teachers, first responders, listeners, advice-givers, and, most importantly, friends and supporters. And, as dry as some of the training sessions were, every minute was great because I knew it was going to be these things that were going to make me the best RA I can be.

I know that as soon as school started, I was super excited to meet my residents. I’m so excited for the rest of this semester and I’m loving my first job! (I just hope the rest of my jobs are equally satisfying.) πŸ™‚


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