Roadtrip to Florida!

In an attempt to meet my goal I plan to participate in a thing called a Blog Event. The first one I’m gonna try is called remember the Time Blog Hop. The premise is that once a week, they will post a topic and we will have time to write a post and then share it. This particular event is a memory inspired event, that is to say, we have to share something about the topic they choose from our memories. We’re gonna see how this first one goes and I might get into more as time goes on.

When we were younger, my uncle and my aunt and their three boys lived in Florida. So a few times while they lived there, we took a road trip to visit them. From Texas. Which, for all of you who don’t know, is a very long drive. Not unbearably long, but long. On this particular trip, we were driving, not to Miami, but to Orlando. Because that’s where Disney World is.

For anyone who has not taken a long road trip, and by that I mean 20+ hours, there isn’t much to do. I mean, it’s fun for the first hour or so because you’ve got all your new fancy road trip toys (which in my case were puzzle books and real books mostly). And this was before the time of twelve year olds having phones, so there was no such thing as Facebooking on the trip and Wifi this and Internet that. I had an iPod. That was my electronic device.  Which is fine. I quite enjoyed listening to my iPod (I’m pretty sure my parents thought I was growing a pair of earbuds out of my ears.) Anyway, at about hour six, I decided it was time for a nap with some music because road trip naps are magical; you fall asleep in one place and you wake up in a different state (except if you’re driving through Texas because, let’s be real, Texas lasts forever). . So I laid down across the seat and had my iPod next to me.

I distinctly remember I had just been asleep for maybe ten or twenty minutes  and my little sister, who was maybe 6 or 7 at the time decides she was gonna turn my music up really loud. And Apple did a splendid job with their sound stuff. Those iPods could get pretty loud. So she turned it up all the way. While I was napping. And I screamed. What else was I supposed to do? Thank her for waking me? Uh, no thanks. Well, when I screamed, Mom thought something was wrong (which there was. I was very concerned about being a little old lady at 30 who couldn’t hear). And then she yelled at me. After that, I decided to keep a lock on my iPod, which I’m sure I promptly forgot the code to a few months later and had to hook it up to the computer to undo.

That was the most eventful part of the trip, as much of the rest of the day was passed in a sulky silence. And of course, the following day we arrived in Orlando and we were with family and all was forgiven…but not forgotten. 😉

3 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Florida!

  1. I’m old…I had a walkman and cassette tapes on road trips as a kid! I also remember that my dad would have his music on the car radio, so I would turn up my walkman as loud as I could to drown out his stuff. But with the old headphones, I guess the sound leaked out and he would always yell at me to turn it down. It was a constant battle! Throwing people together in a small space for long periods of time is always hard. Thanks for joining our blog hop this week!

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