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The Future of My Blog

As some of you know, I am now a sophomore in college. I am currently working for the school as an RA (and I love it. I told Dad that I’m just going to be an RA forever.). But I am still undecided as far as my major and future go. I am currently taking a few “survey-type” classes that are designed to give students an overview of the subject to see if they are more interested in that particular field.

One of these is a Communication class; it is called Intro to Mass Media. In this class we study the various types of media in use today: books, radio, tv and the like. We started with books (because they are the oldest form of media, and, let’s be honest, the best form of media). At my school, the teachers try relentlessly to bring technology into the classroom and they really do try to help us learn to the best of their abilities. Sometimes, this involves bringing in professionals to speak about their expertise.

Today, we Facetimed with Ronie Kendig. She is a Christian author who, in addition to writing, is married and homeschools her children. When she was asked about Writers’ Block, she said she doesn’t really believe in it. She told us that it may seem like a writer might not have any good ideas, but that’s all part of the process. Her solution was this: keep writing, about anything.

Now, I’m sure anyone who has looked on my blog has seen the lack of posting goin’ on. Mostly because I didn’t really think I had anything worthwhile to say, but also because life happens and time slips away. But I do like writing. I think it’s a good decompressor for me and helps give me something that’s mine. My plan is to try to write something, even if it’s short, every day; this may not always happen, as I am taking 15 hours of school and I’m working, but the goal is going to be at least twice a week.

WordPress has a cool page that gives it’s bloggers suggestions for writing daily. Some days, when I can’t think of anything else, I’ll use these as some inspiration, so some of my posts are gonna seem super random. In addition, if you have suggestions or something you wanna see me write about, please let me know.

Thanks for the support!



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