College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #26: If the Teacher Tells You How to do Something, Do it That Way

Procrastination isn’t a good thing. We all know that. Unfortunately for me, I procrastinate anyway.

Lemme tell you from experience: if a teacher says “[blah, blah, blah] is how I would do it” that’s probably the easiest way to do whatever assignment you need to do. Unless you’re a crazy genius. [If that is the case, please share your methods.] Teachers generally put some thought into their assignments so they have figured out some way, maybe not the best way, but someway that will work and get what they want from the assignment. If it seems like whatever your approach to the problem/assignment significantly cuts down the amount of work you need to do or the time it should take, you’re probably not doing something correctly.

If a teacher suggests you do something that is cumulative (homework that covers a few days of class) everyday after class, you should probably do that. Teachers, they have a way of knowing what’s going on.

Also, my dad’s been telling me this for years [yes dad, I hear you and remember the things you tell me. I just don’t always do it.]: If a teacher gives you forever and a day to do something, it will generally take that long; in other words, don’t put off a massive project ’till the night before. You might do okay, but if your teacher gave you three weeks, he or she is probably expecting work that exhibits three weeks of work. Not three hours the night before an assignment is due.

Lastly, if a teacher mentions something he or she expects that you remember it. So. Write it down. Put it in a planner. Or a list. Or if there’s a worksheet/assignment sheet that the teacher gives you, add to it.

So. Pay attention to your teachers. They know what they want. Don’t try reinventing the wheel. Just use theirs.

As I am sure you can all guess, I am currently in Stage 5. My procrastination will continue. I know it. But DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.


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