College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #25: Leave Your Shoes On

Like most people, I don’t wear shoes in my bed.

And it never fails that when I get back to my room from my last class I put my bag down, take my shoes off, figure out what I need to do, and promptly lay down in bed and take a nap.

Then, the other day I had an epiphany. If I take my shoes off, I end up in bed and end up falling asleep. If I leave my shoes on, I have to stay out of my bed, which forces me to sit in a chair or on the floor and I don’t fall asleep.

Now, don’t underestimate my powers of getting a nap. If I’m tired enough, I will fall asleep on the counter I’m working on or the floor. But at that point, if I’m that tired, I probably need a nap more than I need to do anything else.

That being said, not everyone minds having shoes in her bed. Some other ideas:

  • Don’t change out of the clothes you went to class in. This really doesn’t bother me any but some people refuse to get in their bed unless their wearing PJs or clean clothes. The solution: leave your dirty clothes on and you won’t end up falling asleep.
  • Eat some healthy snacks. I don’t eat in my bed, particularly things I can spill or things that make crumbs. If I eat, I’m sitting at the counter, thus not in my bed falling asleep. Obviously, this one could lead to gaining the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen” so maybe this isn’t a great idea, but it’ll work if you’re eating crackers or something.
  • Don’t make yourself super comfortable. The best part about studying in my bed is that I have about a gazillion pillows. I use them to make myself comfortable. For, me comfortable means almost laying down which puts me almost to sleep anyway and then I get too tired to focus and then I fall asleep. Sitting on the floor or in a chair will help, as will being a little cold or a little warm. Just not extremes because then you won’t be able to work at all.
  • Leave the lights on. Most people use some form of computer or tablet or whatever to study with and those are all back-lit today so most people can study with a small lamp or no other light at all. Don’t do that. If I’m laying down and I turn the lights off it’s usually only a matter of minutes before I’m asleep. (This doesn’t go for when you’re doing things. I usually watch TV shows on my laptop when I do laundry and dishes and things and I turn the lights off for that. But being on your feet is different.)

So. College lesson for today: leave your shoes on and you’ll be more productive.


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