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College Lesson #24: Finals Week: Take it on a Wing and a Prayer

Before I start: according to my psych professor, it isn’t uncommon for  a teacher to schedule their last test of the semester to be the week before the final. Just so you’ve been warned. No one told me that. It would have been nice to know. And they do this crazy thing called 24/7 quiet hours on most college campuses, which basically means you need to be quiet whenever you’re in the dorm. It makes for an even harder week. Because you can’t scream. It’s rough. Anyway.

I just finished finals week. Let me tell you, it wasn’t really what I expected. I took finals in high school so I kinda expected the same thing. You go in, you take a test, you be done. Period. I was a little wrong.

First is the issue of studying. You need to find what works for you. That usually means late nights and coffee. Or some form of caffeinated drink. My suggestion is to not do the cramming thing though. If you’re tired, you can’t even try to make things up. Your brain doesn’t work very well if you’re exhausted. Studying in groups can be beneficial as long as you don’t get distracted. Studying with music can be beneficial too. Your brain likes to be able to make connections so music can sometimes help with that. Honestly, if you have to relearn everything, which means you don’t already know it, you probably can’t learn it all in one night. Get some sleep instead.

Second is the issue of sleeping. Sleeping needs to be a priority. Period. Your brain needs sleep to function. Also. If you can’t get up in the morning to take your test, you can’t get any form of credit. So. You need to make sure you’re sleeping enough that you can wake up in the morning. That’s important.

Third is the issue of your general health. You need to eat right. Period. Studying takes a lot out of a person. You need energy. Keep some snack around. Eat meals like usual. Even if you’re nervous. Food is important. Do it. Eat.

Fourth: you’d best relax. You have to make sure you’re taking breaks. Your brain sometimes needs a change. Change your scenery. Change the subject. Change the music. We studied outside. We changed subjects. We took turns quizzing each other so we got breaks. We took turns putting Pandora on. Change helps sometimes. Play a game. Your brain needs a break. Don’t forget.

Lastly, remember, what’s done is done. What happens happens. It isn’t useful for anyone if you can’t study for your upcoming tests if you’re worrying about a previous test that you may or may not have done well on. That’s the worst part. It’s hard. I know it is. But you have to let it go. There’s nothing you can do about it. Absolutely nothing at all. Keep your friends close. Mental breakdowns are common. It’s easy to let the pressure get to you. You’re friends will be there to help. Give you support. Bring you tea when you need it.


6 thoughts on “College Lesson #24: Finals Week: Take it on a Wing and a Prayer

  1. Ahh – I forgot about the tests the week before finals. That was true for me too and stunk.

    Also – for us the exam wasn’t always in the same classroom. One time I went to the wrong room! Good thing I was one of those people that always arrived 10 minutes early so I figured it out in time (that was before kids and Arturo – now I’m late for everything).

    Sleep is important but sometimes in the upper years (and grad school) there was just no way around all nighters. You reach a point where it will be worse if you go to sleep than to just push through the long night. We made it fun though – took breaks and changed locations.

  2. Awe! You guys.. I’m just now reading this. Gabi, awesome post! So true, and hopefully we learned our lesson last semester and will do better in semesters to come! Brandi and Gabi, you’re welcome! But most of all you don’t know how much you guys helped me during finals week. I would be institutionalize right now if it wasn’t for all of you. So thankful to call you guys my friends ❤

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