College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #23: Don’t Procrastinate

Now. I know I procrastinate like it is no one’s business. I usually do better under pressure. My work takes less time and the quality is better. But it stresses me out a little. And in college, teachers talk to each other even less than they do in high school so tests have a tendency to all fall on the same days or if nothing else, the same weeks. See, if I am a professor and I decide I’m going to give four tests in one semester, I divide the semester into four and at the end of each quarter, I give a test. And that’s how  a lot of teachers do their tests. So. You’ve got a few good weeks and then a week that’s terrible.

Procrastinating doesn’t help. If you’ve got a project to finish, which, let’s be honest here, has probably been assigned for more than a few days, and a bunch of tests to study for, it makes for a rough week.

My advice: try to not put everything off ’till the last minute.  If you do, it’ll stress you out.

If you decide that you want to put everything off, that’s fine. It might help to have someone there to keep you company. Not just to study with but for moral support. I know hanging out with your friends might seem counterproductive to studying but if you’re all studying for something different, put some earbuds in and keep each other company. It helps to know that you aren’t the only one struggling to stay on topic. Just having people around helps. If you’re locked in your room, you can find things to do that aren’t even close to studying. If you’re in the library with people, it’ll help you to feel like you need to get your stuff done. As ridiculous as it sounds, society’s social pressures are some of the best motivators. If you’re in the library where people can see you, you might feel like everyone is watching what you’re doing and you don’t want to embarrass yourself so you work harder to stay on task. It works. Believe me.

Also. Studying somewhere where there are a lot of distractions isn’t conducive to studying ever, but it’s especially worse when you are trying to get things done. Try to stay off the internet if you can.

So, to be completely  clear: try not to procrastinate; but, if you do, there are good and bad ways to do it.


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