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My Life Isn’t Perfect

I know my life isn’t perfect, but I have a lot to be grateful for: I’m alive; I’m at a good school that I love; I’m doing well in said school; I have the money I need; I have good friends; I eat well; I have clothes that keep me warm (or cool, as I do live in Texas…); I have a family that misses me and wants to see me succeed in whatever I do; I have my faith; I live in America; I’m healthy; I have the capacity to learn and to learn and to forgive and be forgiven; I have a solid  support system full of people I love; I can see, hear and talk without any problems.

There’s a lot of good all around us. I challenge you always, but especially this week, to find the things you have to be grateful for and focus on these things. Not the imperfections. Not the plans that went wrong. Not the things you wish you could change. The things that are good.


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