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College Lesson #22: Keep Your Goal In Mind

In college, people are likely to get distracted with the little things. “This class and that class and this club and that club and these people and this set of notes and this thing,” and before you know it you’re off on some random thing that has nothing to do with your goal. You can probably see this in some of my posts. I get distracted with one aspect of something and by the time I run out of things to say, I haven’t really said what I really meant to talk about.

To help prevent this you need to keep your end goal in mind. If you are writing an essay, you have to keep the point you are trying to make in mind. If you are doing a math problem, you have to keep the solution in mind. If you are working on a project, you have to keep the end product in mind. Knowing where you want to end up will help you figure out where to start. College is the same way. You have to keep the end in mind to know where to start. If you want to graduate at some point, you need to know what classes you need for graduation.

That’s not to say you won’t change your mind. College is all about finding what you want to do with your life and who you want to be. Changing your mind is part of that. But. If you hate English classes, don’t try to be and English Major. We all know you’re just going to hate your life if you do that. College is supposed to be enjoyable. In the same way, don’t take a bunch of elective-type classes. You’ll probably have enough hours to graduate but they won’t be in the right places so you’ll have to take more core classes and it’ll take you longer to graduate. And that’s not fun either.

The same thing goes for other aspects of life. If you want to leave work early, don’t play on Facebook all morning. Get your stuff done and leave. Done. Period.

That being said, you have to reflect sometimes on the place you’ve come from. Sometimes we get caught up in the fact that we have yet to meet our goal and forget how much we’ve accomplished thus far.

See, planning is a little bit important. So. Goals in mind and you won’t get off the path.


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