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College Chronicles: October 26, 2012

We went on an adventure!

Friday, as it was the end of the week, I was tired (and the weather was sticky and cold and nasty) and all I wanted to do was take a nap. After attempting to go over some notes (which is a story all on its own) Roseanna and I went to nap before dinner. I had a few phone calls to make and things and when I fell asleep, I crashed and didn’t wake up for dinner. Roseanna and Spencer ended up coming to hang out in my dorm until I was done eating. When I finished my Ramen Noodles (typical college meal, I know), we played Go Fish. (I won, not that it matters much.) Then Spencer mentioned a bonfire or something and the three of us decided we wanted s’mores. But not microwave s’mores, we wanted real s’mores. Even though it was freezing outside. (Okay, not really. It was in the 40’s, I think. But that’s pretty cold. And it was windy, which is just terrible.)

We all went to our respective rooms and got jackets and gloves and blankets and met back up and got in Roseanna’s car and went to walmart. We picked up all the necessary ingredients for s’mores, plus lemonade and matches (Spencer didn’t want a fire-starter thing; he said that he was a boy scout and that felt like cheating).

We then proceeded to drive around for about an hour because we listened to Spencer (which is just something we should not have done in the first place) and managed to get lost. Then we decided to listen to me (which is always a good choice, just so everyone knows). The park I was planning on going to is kinda hidden and we missed one of the turns for it (because it was dark) and we drove around for awhile until we routed it on our phones (we were less than two miles from where we wanted to be at this point.)

We finally got to the park and found a place to light a fire. I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to set the fire. It only took like two matches and it was super warm and fun.

The three of us hung out around the fire and then Colten came and met us.

There were some other cars there and we heard laughing. But the boys were convinced it was some form of animal so Colten started howling. Turns out we knew the other people who were there and they thought we were trying to scare them. Good stuff.

At about 12:30 after a bunch of s’mores (and a few burnt marshmallows that’s how I like them: burnt to a crisp) we decided it was time to clean up and leave.

When we got back on campus, Colten said he was going to call it a night. Spencer and Roseanna and I decided it was not time for the evening to be over so we went to walmart. (Much like at home, there isn’t much to do after about 10 unless you wanna go wander around walmart.)

We spent a good hour and half there. It was us and the stockers (I don’t even think any of the regular registers were open; just the self-checkout). We picked up some canned food for Maggie Lee For Good Day (which is today, don’t forget) and Spencer played on a little girls bike and we looked at all the board games. (They keep remaking the old ones…)

When we got done at Walmart, Roseanna and I decided we wanted food, because who isn’t hungry at almost 3:00 am. We decided on Whataburger because I happen to like the breakfast there.

When we walked in there was some guy (whose name was Nathan, I believe) ordering. And I liked his shirt. I told Spencer and Roseanna as much and when he walked away from the counter and I had decided what I wanted, I ordered. Roseanna came up behind me and I turned around to see where Spencer was and saw him talking to this guy. I turned around to ask Roseanna what he was doing and she told me Spencer said he was gonna go tell this guy I liked his shirt. (He dared himself or some such nonsense.)

I finish ordering and was standing waiting for Roseanna to order (Spencer doesn’t like fast food…riiiiiiiiiiiiight.) and you guessed it. Mr. Blue Shirt Wearing Nathan comes over and starts talking to me.

Him: “Hi, I heard you like my shirt.”

Me: “Uh…uh huh.” (Those are most definately words, just for the record)

Him: “I’m Nathan [or whatever his name was that I do not quite recall].”

Me: “Gabriella…Hi.”

*awkward handshake*

Him: “So, are you from around here?”

Me: “Uh…I go to Mary Hardin-Baylor.”

Roseanna: *let’s increase Gabi’s awkwardness* “No, she just likes their colors so she wears clothes from there.”

Me: *looks down to see I’m wearing a UMHB sweatshirt* “Oh…yeah…”

*awkward laugh*

Him: “So, how old are you?”

Me: “18.”

Him: *deer in the headlights face for about two seconds then he fixed it* “Oh, that’s cool. How old do you think I am?”

Me: “I didn’t think much older than me, but, based on the face you just made, I’m rethinking  that.”

Him: “How old? Like a number?”

Me: “I dunno…20ish?”

Him: “22.”

Me: *awkwardly* “Thats cool…”

Him: “You don’t look 18.”

Me: “Older or younger?”

Him: “Uhm, older, I guess.”

Me:  *don’t know what to do in this situation because I’ve never been in it…* “Uh…wellitwasnicemeetingyoubye.” *walks away*

Roseanna and Spencer: *obnoxious grins on their faces because they watched the whole awkward exchange and found it incredibly amusing*

Apparently I look older than I am. Not sure if that’s a compliment or not. And. Apparently watching me be awkward is fun for Spencer because he was laughing. The entire time.

Anyway. We sat at Whataburger for another hourish and talked and laughed and whatnot.

It was a super good night. Gotta love being a college kid. Making memories.


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