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College Lesson #19: Working Out Your Schedule

Alright. This might be just a Freshmen-type lesson to learn but I’m gonna write about it anyway.

Yesterday morning, the school posted the classes offered for next semester. I had no idea. My friends (family group, whatever) all did though (good little honors kids that they are 🙂 ). We all had the same brilliant idea: let’s see if we can all get into at least one class together so we don’t completely drift away from each other (and we won’t have to make new friends, or at least we won’t walk into class with a bunch of strangers).

At dinner yesterday, when scheduling came up in conversation (one of the better topics, let me tell you) we were all excited that we agreed on something productive. Spencer (being the super honors kid, in this one particular instance) had already figured out which classes we all need to take, regardless of major. After a good twenty minutes of all of us trying to pull stuff up on our smart phones (which are kind of amazing, so we’re clear) and talking over each other, (which is standard for our dinners anyway) Ellaina had another brilliant idea: let’s all go get our laptops and meet up in one of the dorms and do this a little more organized (that’s the gist of the idea; in practice it was incredibly more sarcastic.).

About ten minutes later, between seven and ten of us were back in one of the study rooms in my dorm pulling things up and talking over each other. Again.

See. As prepared as Spencer likes to be, the rest of us are usually not nearly as prepared. He not 0nly figured out which classes we all needed, but also which days/times they were offered.  He’s a planner, that one. Anyway. After we all finally figured out how to see what each of our degree plans requires (which was no easy feat, as college webpages are very difficult to navigate) we all needed to figure out how to search for a class so that it would show all the relevant information and the times and days.

A good hour and a half later, we each had a list of classes that we were maybe or maybe not going to take and no one had agreed on anything as a group. We finally decided to start making decisions as a group. About a half hour later and a lot of yelling one another later, we finally decided on three traditional classes to take and one online class (which we decided we’re gonna designate a time for every week so we can help keep each other accountable) together.

I now have my schedule worked out so that I’m taking 17 credit hours, I have no classes on Fridays, I get lunch everyday and my days start at 9:00 am every morning. I’m so excited.

That being said, if I hadn’t done this in some form of group, I would have sat and cried after about twenty minutes of trying. And since it took two hours and multiple changes for all of us to get through it as a group, I don’t even wanna imagine trying to do that on my own.

My advice to anyone who is doing college registration and all that for the first time: don’t do it alone. It helps to have people to ask questions. Plus having two computer screens to look at doesn’t hurt much either.


One thought on “College Lesson #19: Working Out Your Schedule

  1. Gabi, this cracks me up. I’m NOT that much older than you and my registration experience was sooooo different! LOL! I remember they would hand out these thin booklets each sememester that listed all the courses/schedules offered next semester. You had to PHONE in to register, and it was based either off student ID or last name… I can’t quite remember. Point being, you had to wait and call and a scheduled time. Who cares if you had class during tha time – that was your time! And then when you called, half the time you’d get a busy signal and have to keep trying. There was very little opportunity to plan classes with friends (at least not the gen ed ones — for within my major it was very limited choices, so we were all together anyway). Of course the 8am classes were never full 😉 Anyway, as a planner myself, I remember totally geeking out trying to plan my “ideal” schedule, and having to have 2nd or 3rd choices in case what I wanted was full. I can only imagine how it will be when my kids are in college!

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