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College Lesson #18: Teachers Want to Help

So far we’ve taken two tests in my World Civilizations class and after the last one, my teacher told us if we wanted to talk to her about our grades, she would be willing to sit with us.

Earlier this week, I emailed my World Civilizations professor and asked her if she would help me go back over my tests so I could do better (not that I’m doing badly…). She emailed me back within the hour and told me she could see me Friday after class. So. I went Friday after class and she looked at my tests before she told me anything specific. Then she gave me some pointers.

She was happy to help. She really wants us to succeed.

That being said, I had to make the effort and take the initiative. She was patient and answered my questions. She took the time to show me some stuff on the online program we use for her class that I had no idea existed before Friday.

So. Lesson recap: If you need help, teachers are willing to help, you just need to ask. In college, you  don’t need your hand to be held.


One thought on “College Lesson #18: Teachers Want to Help

  1. True! I’m not that familiar with your University but my guess is it’s on the smaller side (not like UT/A&M). I also went to a smaller university and really took advantage of how accessible the professors are – they do want to help and most truly enjoy teaching. Great thing for you to discover early on!

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