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College Lesson #17: “There’s always a Chapter 41”

This entry is a little bit like #14 . Just so you know.

Today in Chapel Chuck Walker came to talk to us. He talked about the story of Joseph [from the bible, just so we’re clear], which I hope we all have heard of (basically, the youngest son in a family is favored above his brothers and they hate him for it; they make plans to kill him but instead they sell him into slavery. In the house he ends up in, his master puts Joseph in charge of all the master’s affairs; when the master leaves the house, his wife tries to make advances on Joseph. Joseph does not respond to said advances, and one day she cries rape and Joseph is thrown into prison. There he ends up with the prisoners of the king and he does as well as can be expected in prison. He eventually interprets the king’s dreams and becomes the king’s head advisor and is reunited with his family. It’s in Genesis 37-50 if you’d like to read all about it.) There’s a good happy ending. The middle isn’t nearly as happy though.

Joseph is in prison. He’s doing his best but prison life can only be so good. He has faith in God, however, and he makes it to chapter 41 (in chapter 40, he’s imprisoned and doing the best he can).

Mr. Chuck Walker told us that for every Chapter 40 in our lives there will be a 41. Whether you believe in God or not, you have faith in something and that faith tells you that things always right themselves in the end. Life has a way of always working out for the better.

No matter how big your problems are, and every problem feels big when it’s here and now and yours, they always, always work out in the end. Something good comes from every problem: you might learn something new about yourself or meet someone new or teach someone something or find something you’ve been missing. Every problem is a good thing, even though it’s hard at the time of the struggle, it’s worth it in the end.

Every Chapter 40 has a Chapter 41.


3 thoughts on “College Lesson #17: “There’s always a Chapter 41”

  1. I’m not sure if you’re interested what I think but I thought I’d tell you anyway. I read every blog and think they are interesting and amusing, especially the study group episode. I read them to grandpa because he is not on facebook and we both think you are maturing into the role of a college freshman and at the same time enjoying yourself. We are happy for you. Keep up the goodwork.

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