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Stop Hating Yourself and Start Loving Yourself

I think I’m going to stop mentioning where I find these pictures, as it can most likely be assumed that I found it on Pinterest.

Anyway. I saw it and I think that it’s important, especially for young adults, that they recognize the importance in knowing and appreciating who they are. In college, as well as in life, people are forever bombarded with reasons to change who they are to fit in better or to be better accepted by their peers. College is a time for growing and learning who you are and who your supposed to be but people should not compromise their fundamental beliefs just to fit in.

My challege to my readers, starting today, is this: find something to love about yourself because there is someone wonderful in all of us, if only we too the time to look.


One thought on “Stop Hating Yourself and Start Loving Yourself

  1. Very good advice! I remember in the first weeks of my freshman year I was walking through the quad and saw a group of girls who were rushing a sorority. The sorority member who was recruiting them was telling them how they should do their hair, what clothes they should wear every day, etc. Not in the nice friend to friend way; but in the “this is what you must do” way. I was deeply disturbed!! I’m not saying all sororites are bad (both of my sisters loved being in them) but there are definitely forces out there looking to change who you are to fit a certain mold. Stay true to yourself!

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