College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #16: Laundry

I have yet to have this problem, but I know it happens. Don’t wait until you have no clean clothes to do laundry. (That was kind of an awkward sentence, sorry. You get my point though.) And try to get your laundry done before the weekend. I have a big gap in my schedule three days a week: five hours Tuesdays and Thursdays and three hours on Fridays so I have time to do laundry during the day. But I have to make the effort to get said laundry done (I usually motivate myself with the promise of a nap while I’m waiting for it to be done, that usually works pretty well :)). Let me tell you from experience, no one does laundry during the day during the week because everyone has class and homework and studying and things to do.

Your other option is to do laundry later at night (I saw some girls doing laundry last night at about midnight) because everyone else is either asleep or out doing “fun” things. If you’re up late doing homework or something equally as fun and exciting in your dorm, just throw your stuff in the washer. It isn’t hard.

The other part of this is to not change what you’re wearing a million times a day. If you wear four outfits a day, you’re gonna have more laundry (about four times to be exact) than the person who wears on outfit a day. It isn’t rocket science. Just simple math.

So there you go. Try to not wait until you’ve absolutely got to do laundry for the next day because you could be waiting for a while.

And usually it’s Sunday evening because everyone has many fun exciting things (like homework) planned to do for Sunday.

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