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College Lesson #15: Group Study

Group study only works if everyone in the group is actually willing to study and work.

This week I had two tests for which I planned on attending  a study group. Both tests were on Friday so we were supposed to do one class on Wednesday and on one on Thursday. Well. That did not happen.

On Wednesday night a couple of girls, Roseanna and Brittany, and I went to the library to study. Since none of us really wanted to study, it kind of turned into a two-hour long complain about your teacher(s) session. Needless to say, little got done in those two hours. After about two hours, Brittany decided she was going to go work out (which, for the record, did not happen :)) and Roseanna and I decided we really didn’t want to study so we were gonna go see what the guys were up to. They weren’t playing video game like we expected (it was quite a shock to be honest; these boys do nothing but play video games). We then decided instead of trying to find them, we were going to wander around campus and have girl-talk (which as Spencer explained to me later generally consists of boys and make-up and nothing else, because he would know, of course). We talked till late. It was good stuff. 🙂

Then yesterday we made plans to study a few times (I felt like I was living in the library) for my various classes. I went to an 11am study session for history but we kept getting distracted by stuff (gotta love that ten second attention span we’ve all got going on) and about three and a half hours later we had only gotten through about half of our notes and I needed to get to class. We planned to meet right after dinner and from there I was gonna go to my psych study group.

At the after-dinner history session we had a few more people, which equates to more people trying to not get distracted by the one distracter person. Let me tell you, singing Justin Bieber is one of the best distracters there is; the songs are terrible and get stuck in your head and people feel obligated to make fun of you. Needless to say about 2 hours later when our psych group started we were only a little further than we’d gotten this morning.

Our psych group started and we were all a little delirious already. Spencer decided to make it a game. He was gonna compliment whomever answered the question correctly first. (He’s awful at compliments. Boys, please learn telling a girl her pants are nice is a terrible compliment, just so you know.) That lasted for about five questions (which was about twenty minutes because it took him FOREVER to come up with anything remotely resembled a compliment: “your glasses look good on your face” and “that hair band is nice and your mom must be nice to have gotten it for you.”). Then someone decided we should get to insult him if we answer correctly. It was much better motivation, even though we’re not very good at insults (the best one: “your hair looks like Justin Bieber meets the Backstreet Boys.” He did not appreciate that. Second best: “You’ve got an ego the size of Jupiter.” He thought that was a compliment…). We kept getting distracted. We were there till late. But I feel like I got a lot out of both sessions.

I made a mental note to myself: leave LOTS of time for study groups for these classes, as we are all easily distracted.


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