College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #14: “It’s a Bad Chapter in a Good Book”

Today in Chapel we had Jinny Henson come talk to us. She lost her daughter a few years ago in a bus accident.

She said something that stuck. “It’s just a bad chapter in a really good book.” Obviously, she was referring to the terrible time she was going through at the time. But today she was okay. She explained to us that even though she would give anything for her daughter back, she sees all the good that came from it. Her daughter inspired many through the services that were held for her.

I think it’s important for us to recognize that even during the hardest parts of our lives, something good will come from it if we are willing to look for it. That whole one door closes and another opens thing. We have to remember that we don’t have bad lives, we have bad days as part of our wonderful lives. So take a minute to notice something good about your life today. Don’t let a bad day keep you down.

On another note, on October 29th, in honor of her daughter, Maggie Lee’s, birthday, people around the world celebrate her life by doing good. This has become unofficially known as Maggie Lee For Good Day. In all honesty, you should be nice to people all the time but the idea is to do something extraordinarily nice for someone. Over 18,000 people have participated as of today.

If you wanna learn about her or share how you got involved, here’s the link to the sight about her daughter: They like to hear the stories about how Maggie is still changing lives.

So. Recap. Lesson: It’s a good life with the occasional bad day. Don’t let it get you down. And be nice to people. Everyone needs some kindness.


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