College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #11: Diversity of Friends

You know how people say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with? I agree. It’s just how we are. We pick up things from each other. That’s not to say you aren’t your own person, because you are. People just pick up habits from each other. It’s probably a way to make us feel more accepted by our peers. But I digress; that is a conversation for another day.

This brings me to my lesson for the day: friends are very important in college. I happen to have met some of the most wonderful people and made the most incredible friends.

Make nice with your roommate; she/he could mean the difference between being late and/or missing class and being on time. Plus, if you get lucky, she’ll be wonderful, like mine.

Have a diverse group of friends. People have various weaknesses and strengths. The more diverse your friends, the better chance there will be that you find someone who can help you with any topic you need. If you know, for example, a Bio-Chem major and you walk into class exhausted, he might walk up to you with a plastic cup and pistachios; then he might, hypothetically, give you the run down of the enzymes that pistachios contain and why they would help you. All before 8:00 am. And then he might, after class, explain to you how allergies work. Besides that, many people learn better in groups and a diverse group of people will give you access to many more opinions on the study subjects. In addition to studying with a diverse group of people, you can learn new things just by being around them (this is called latent learning, for anyone who wants to learn something new from me :)).

So. Diversity in your friends. College is all about learning who you are and what you are supposed to do. Let your friends help you do that. 🙂


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