College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #8: Plan to Study

When you have homework to do on Sunday, it is advisable to not sleep until 11 unless you have intentions of staying up late. You’ll pay for it in the morning.

I have put off the bulk of my studying until today because some friends and I made plans to meet as a group and study and I have found that when reviewing with other people, I pick things up faster anyway so I made plans to wait. Unfortunately, you should not put off starting to study until you start with the group, which is exactly what I did.

So. I went to the first study session (we planned two so it worked with more schedules but I made plans to got to both because I had nothing better to do at 2 in the afternoon and 8 at night on a Sunday; plus you can’t beat hanging out and learning at the same time) and we were there for about two and a half hours and I realized how utterly unprepared I was for this test compared to one of the boys I was studying with. Needless to say, I spent the rest of my day studying so I would feel better about the second session. I went to that and we were there for much longer (about four and a half hours) studying. After basically eight hours of studying, I feel much better about this test but I am a little concerned as to how much of it I will remember in the morning.

Needless to say, the lesson learned here is to plan a little bit further in advance and to manage my time a tad bit better. A nap in the middle of all of that studying would probably have sufficed so I didn’t need to sleep as late, plus it would have broken the monotony of the subject I was studying.

On the upside, group study is fun and easy. 🙂 So, get a group of friends together and plan ahead.


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