College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #7: Dorm Rules

Dorm Rules. Follow them. Period.

In my dorm there’s a rule that you can’t use the side doors between the hours of 7pm and 6am because they are alarmed. I agree that it’s kind of a silly rule but just use the front door to leave. Besides, the way this dorm is situated, it’s impractical to use that door for anything unless you’re going to the dining hall, which isn’t open at that hour anyway, or if the building is on fire, in which case, please exit through any door you see fit. And it was okay the first week or two because everyone forgets but my goodness. We’ve been living here almost a month now. Do you really not remember at this point? There is no reason that at 9 o’ clock at night that alarm should be going off. None.

See, me, I left today for lunch at 11 and stopped at the door to make sure the alarm wasn’t gonna go off. Which is ridiculous because clearly it won’t. But that’s how conscious I am that it could go off if I’m not paying attention.

There are a whole bunch of other rules too but breaking them doesn’t really lead to loud noises in the middle of the night.

So. There. Follow the gosh-darn rules and we can all just get along.


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