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College Lesson #6: Get Along With Your Roommate

Get along with your roomie. I happen to love my roommate and I think she is wonderful. Plus, we’ve got a good system going.

If you’re living with someone, you should certainly make an effort to get along with them. You don’t have to be best friends, but if they don’t wanna share their stuff with you, get over it and get your own. (Just so we’re all clear, my roommate and I aren’t having any issues, I just think that getting along is important.) You should most definitely figure out the basics early on (my school had us fill out some of these basics-what bothers me and if I’m involved in sports and if I go to bed late, all kinds of fun things-before they assigned us roommates so we would match better).

Rule #1: If you aren’t sure, ask first. Most people will give you an answer that will apply to lots more than whatever your question is about. ( Can I have this soda?” “Sure, just let me know when you take one.”)

Rule #2: Respect that they have other friends. And you need to make some too. If you wanna be besties, that’s cool; just get some other friends too because you could get bored of each other, and then, guess what: you’d have nowhere to go to get away from each other. Other friends are a good idea.

Rule #3: Play nicely. If you leave things out and someone uses it, that’s just too bad. If you don’t want people using your stuff, put it away. And by the same token, don’t go through someone else’s stuff.

Anyway. Play fair an all that jazz. It’s important. And don’t forget, it’s okay to get mad, leave, and come back later and talk it out.


2 thoughts on “College Lesson #6: Get Along With Your Roommate

  1. I was blessed to be assigned a wonderful roommate my freshman year. We also did some sort of survey that helped make a great match. We did become BFF’s, and I couldn’t agree more with you advice about making OTHER friends too. She dropped out in our sophmore year and it took time to build new friendships. Wise words Gabi!

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