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My Math Class Today

I’m in college algebra, which is fine because algebra makes sense in my brain. Our teacher has been a little out there all so far, which is fine because studying math for as long as you’d have to to teach in a college had got to make you a little crazy. But he’s really super crazy.

And I’m a tad sarcastic sometimes, not on purpose, just because I get what’s going on. At the end of class we took a “pop quiz” and he came over and told me I was  “one strange creature.” Then he said he was just kidding, laughed, and walked away. I guess it’s because I’m confident in my math. Always. Fail with confidence! And because of that, I correct him when he messes up and writes the wrong symbols and things.

Anyways. He’s really random. And when I couldn’t figure out how to do one of the problems on the quiz (it was bonus, but I wanted to know what I was missing)  he asked how to pronounce my last name (color-cell-oh, not too hard, just kinda scary lookin’). and then he asks me where I went to high school, so I tell him and he is blown away that I’m from Lockhart. I guess he taught there at some point in his life.

So there you have it. My math teacher is crazy!


One thought on “My Math Class Today

  1. You left me wanting more, Gabi! Why was he blown away? Why is he crazy? Why are you said “strange creature”? (I know that previous statement but I am, after all, your Mama!!! Cool story, bro!!!

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