College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #4: Group Study is Fun

Group study is more fun.

Even though it might take longer, it makes more sense to study with other people, it’s more fun and you get to learn stuff. Like, for example, today I went with a friend to work on math homework. So we did and it took us about 20 minutes. And then we spent the next two hours talking about random stuff. And I got to learn about the Second World War and about plants. Or something. It was a blast. Besides, studying alone is lonely. Who wants to do that? It’s such a bummer.

So there you have it. Study in a group. Or at least not by yourself.


One thought on “College Lesson #4: Group Study is Fun

  1. This is SO TRUE! Some of my favorite memories were studying with friends from my classes. It wasn’t as easy in High School, but so routine in college when it’s much easier to get together. We’d hole up in the library or camp out at Denny’s (open 24/7). Sometimes during finals you’d go eat dinner, study there all night until you ordered breakfast! 🙂

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