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College Lesson #3: ROLL

So. We have this class here at UMHB called Chapel. You get credit for just showing up and the standard joke is that  most people sleep through it.

Today was my first time and I really wanted to not sleep. That was my goal. “Don’t fall asleep because someone is taking their time to come talk to us.”

I was pleasantly surprised. The speaker today was pretty awesome and I wasn’t bored at all. His name is Tyson Dever and he’s paralyzed from the waist down (if you wanna know his whole story he’s got a video on YouTube — be forewarned, it’s an intense video — and a Facebook page and I imagine a website). And he talked about how his life has changed. He told us that everyone experiences change and that some is good and some is bad and sometimes you’ve just gotta suck it up and deal with it. And he told us that most people fall into the just average category and that it would only take us a few minutes a day to go the extra step and become above average.

So.  That’s my lesson for today. Go the extra step and be a little above average. And ROLL (that’s his slogan).





Anyways. Change is inevitable, so roll with it. And go the extra mile, you’ll be part of the elite few.


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