College Lessons and Things

College Lesson #2: Time

So. Time is different in college. And it fills up fast.

A typical day with classes and activities doesn’t seem like it’d be full on any scale. An 8 am class and another at 2:30 for an hour and twenty minutes each? Seems like you’ve got a pretty empty day. But then you decide to get involved, like I’ve suggested, and things get a little more busy. Some laundry because it happened to rain really hard yesterday and it needs to be done anyway; some tie-dying because white is so bland; an interview at 1:40 for Stunt Night director because that’s something fun and different; and then class. Well. Laundry took a little longer than I planned but I finished tie-dying early enough to get back to my dorm and start some reading. Then I took a quick power nap and got ready for my interview. Unfortunately it kept being pushed back later and later till about 2. We finally started and I had time to run up to my dorm and get my stuff together for class in time to turn around and leave again. After class I was back about 4, in time to get some homework done. And then dinner with some friends, which always takes longer than you plan. So about 7 I finally get to work on my homework and everything before my mandatory dorm meeting at 9. Oh college.

Anyhow. Point is, you need to plan a head, at least a little, preferably a lot so you don’t get behind. Do a lot of planning. Get a calendar if it helps to write things down. Or use the one with your email that you can get an app for on your phone. Just plan things.


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